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New type of urbanization

A new path to urbanization


Never in history has a developing country as large as China, with a population of 1.3 billion, attempted to engineer a carefully managed urbanization. China can no longer follow the beaten track of inefficient and blinkered development relying on borrowed money that damages the environment and results in an imbalance between the needs of the population and land resources. That path will lead the country nowhere. At this crossroads, China must take a new path to urbanization in the right direction.

The new urbanization drive is based on China's realities in the primary stage of socialism. It is a choice that meets our development imperatives and enables us to make the best use of the opportunities available to bring assured success to this process.

Emphasis should be put on achieving the best results of urbanization. A people-centered approach is indispensable. Appropriate plans should be worked out to ensure that towns and cities of all sizes complement each other with well-defined functions for coordinated development. Eco-friendly measures will be effectively implemented in our push for green, circular and low-carbon development. Special care must be taken to preserve traditional culture in our effort to redevelop cities and towns with historical landmarks and local or ethnic features.