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Tibet Financial Leasing: committed to becoming the backbone of China’s financial leasing industry


Tibet has experienced a rapid economic and social development in recent years, and the stable and healthy development of financial industry has played an irreplaceable role in Tibet for economic development and social progress. government of Tibet put forward a proposal to built Tibet into bridgehead of Trans-Himalayan Economic Zone in the 13th five-year plan, forging economic ties with South and East Asia, and participating in global economic activities. This is abound to bring demand for diversified, characteristic and differential financial service.

Financial industry is most closely associated with real economy, and financial leasing is an important driving force in China’s economic transformation. Under the guidance and support of Tibet government and China Banking Regulatory Commission, and jointly funded by Tunghsu Group, together with Tibet Investment Co., Ltd. and Tibet State-owned Assets Management Company, Tibet Banking Co., Ltd. Tibet Leasing Co., Ltd. was established in May, 2015. Registration address of the company is Lhasa Economic and Technical Development Zone, which is a state level economic and technical development zone and the registered capital is 1.0 billion RMB. Establishment of Tibet Leasing Company is an important event in the history of social and economic development in Tibet. It is one of the first financial leasing companies owned by private enterprises, and it has a strategic significance as a model of mixed economy of state capital and private capital.