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Tunghsu Azure invests to establish a hazardous waste disposal project


      On July 4th, Tunghsu Azure Renewable Energy Co., Ltd. (Tunghsu Azure, 000040.SZ) announced it reached an agreement to establish a hazardous waste disposal project in Jiangxi province. The total investment will be RMB 620 million and the return on capital is more than 20%.

      Tunghsu Azure is a leading public company in the renewable energy and environmental protection industries, with main business covering renewable energy, eco - environmental protection, and industrial estate.

      Market participants pointed out that investment of hazardous waste disposal project shows the expansion of the Tunghsu Azure 's environmental protection industry chain and also brings new growth point of environmental protection business for Tunghsu Azure.

      The announcement shows that this hazardous waste disposal project is located in Fenyi county Xinyu city, Jiangxi Province, and hazardous waste and industrial waste generated in Xinyu, Yichun and Pingxiang, three cities of Jiangxi Province, will be treated here. The project covers an area of 475 mu (approximately 316666㎡) and its total investment is RMB620 million, with a total treatment capacity of 146,000 tons. This project will apply incineration, materialization, solidification landfill and recycling to treat the hazardous waste

      There are mainly 50 types of hazardous waste, such as medical waste, pesticide waste, and the hazardous waste is one of the major environmental problems we are facing today. According to statistics, 42.2 million tons of waste were produced in China in 2015, and this number is increasing at a rate of 12% per year. In 2020, waste production will reach to 100 million tons.

      However, only 60% hazardous waste can be treated and the current disposal capacity cannot meet the demand. Moreover, mismanagement, short of large scale enterprises and backward technology and equipment exist in this industry. In the other hand, there is broader space and more opportunities for companies to develop this industry.

      Additionally, national policies have also been increasing support for the hazardous waste treatment industry. Ministry of Environmental Protection released a draft of Hazardous Waste Identification Guidelines for Public Comments on Dec 19th, 2016, and the Environmental Protection Tax Law will be implemented in 2018, for increasing rewards and penalties and arising taxpayers' awareness of environmental protection.

      “The hazardous waste treatment project at Jiangxi province not only have higher expected returns, but also will help the company develop other business such as environmental protection, renewable energy and industrial estate in this area”, said Bai Zhiwei, Board Secretary of Tunghsu Azure, “We are working on achieving strategic synergy, which is the foundation for improving technical strength and core competence”